Worth knowing

Norwegian Automobile Federation, NAF, is the largest motoring organisation in Scandinavia. One of our prime objectives is to offer motorists good campsite accommodation, be in a tent, a caravan, or in a cabin. Our camping cooperate is called NAF Camp, and includes 170 campsites. NAF Camp is nationwide, and based on the consumers’ requirements on availability, quality and service. You’re always welcome to stay with us. Enjoy your vacation!

Camping card

The camping card is not obligatory in Norway!

Certain camping firms will be part of a scheme that demands that you as a guest must have, or buy, a camping card to stay the night. Camping Key Europe p is the camping card that will be on sale from these companies. If you are a holder of Camping Card International o, this card will be accepted as equivalent to the CKE. Our guide gives our guests information on the firms that will require a camping card, whether CKE or CCI. During the discussion of the individual camp site, you will find symbols for this where a camping card is demanded. 

Driving on Norwegian roads

Combined vehicles (car + caravan). Permissible vehicle width is 2,55 m. Maximum permissible vehicle lengths on national highways: 18,75 m. It is not many roads in Norway with restrictions on vehicle lengths. Drivers of car + caravan with a combined length of more than 12,40 m must check if there is permissable to drive on the intended roads. You can obtain this information from the Roads Information Service on tel. 175 (in Norway) or (+47) 22 65 40 40.

Leave your pet at home!

Due to the danger of i.a. rabies infection and the fox’s small tapeworm apply very strict rules for 
the introduction of dogs, cats and other animals. For information see: mattilsynet.no or contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Cabins on campsites 

It is becoming increasingly popular to holiday in cabins. It is therefore advisable to book in advance if you are planning to take your holiday in the peak season. Postal addresses and telephone numbers of the campsites accompany their descriptions. 
NB! Check-in no sooner than 2 PM. Departure no later than 12 noon.

Camping gas

You can buy camping gas from Statoil and AGA AS which have outlets throughout Norway. 
See also internet www.aga.no. Tel. AGA AS  (+47) 23 17 72 00, fax (+47) 22 02 78 04.

NAF Camp’s technical profile – bar graph

Here you will find markings for sanitary conditions, pitches, service and activities in the form of a bargraph.  The judgement is arrived at based on working out values for the individual aspects, seen in relation to the capacity of the campsite. This information is obtained from the campsites and is not based on inspections made by NAF.


In general we can say that cabins in all categories must comply with public requirements for rented accommodation. 

Category A

Minimum 1 room. Electricity. Good lighting and necessary furnishing.

Category B

In addition to the above: Heating, some cooking facilities, refrigerator, mirror etc.

Category C 

In addition to the above: Separate bedroom. Kitchen equipment and cups, glasses, plates and cutlery corresponding to the number of beds. Coffee maker and place to wash up with drainage.

Category D

In addition to the above: Lounge with dining/kitchen table and minimum 1 bedroom (with door). Oven. Wardrobe. Hot and cold water. Bathroom with wc, shower and basin.

Category E

In addition to the above: Kitchen must have toaster, kettle, dishwasher and extractor fan. There should be TV (satellite or cable) and internet. Underfloor heating in bathroom. Equipped with complete bedding/linen and towels corresponding to the number of beds. In other words, hotel standard with all facilities for self-catering.

Road signs

618  C 618 Camp site Symbol can be used for campsites that are suitable for tents, caravans and campervans. The site may also have camping cabins.
621 Bobilplass Symbol can be used for sites that have at least 8 spaces that are specially designed to accommodate campervans and that are not designed to accommodate caravans. These may be specific spaces attached to a campsite or sites reserved for campervans in or near urban areas.
622 Camping cabins Symbol can be used for places with camping cabins and holiday homes for hire.



a The stars are awarded from 1 to 5 according to the Nordic classification 
c Camping site
j Tent hire
k Caravn hire
e Rooms to let
d Cabins
f Apartments
g Fisherman’s cabin 
h Motel
i Youth Hostel
p Requires Camping Key Europe (CKE) 
o Requires Camping Card International (CCI) 
F All year open
G Opening hours
H Full service
I Located near road No. (see map)
J Dogs welcome at the campsite 
K No dogs allowed at the campsite
L No. of decares (divide by 4 for acres)
M Capacity
O Deciduous forest 
 Confier forest
Q Mixed forest
R Grassy
S Forest 0-1 km
T Mountain terrain 0-1 km


a Room for handicapped persons 
b Separate hot water cubicles 
c Shower
d Family bath room
e Mini-bathroom
f Nursing room
g Hairdryer
h Electrical outlet


a Lot size not indicated / Ohne angabe der parzellengröße
b Lot size 80 m2 
c Loyt size 100m2 
d Lot size 120 m2
e Lot size 140 m2
f Water supply
g Drain
i Electric supply 230 V


a Booking
b Defibrillator
c Credit cards
d Cooking facilities
e Sink with hot water
f Frying-oven
g Micro-oven
h Dishwashing machine
i Sink for laundry with hot water
j Washing machine
k Tumble dreyer
l Internet access, wireless
m Fishing gear for hire
n Boat hire
o Cycle hire
p Ski equipment for hire
q Common room
r Grocery shop 0-1 km
s Kiosque 0-1 km
t Snack Bar 0-1 km
u Cafeteria  0-1 km
v Cafeteria-Restaurant 0-1 km
F Cafeteria-Restaurant w / wine and Bier 0-1 km
G Cafeteria-Restaurant w / fully licensed 0-1 km 
H Bier and Wine
I Fully licensed
J Slipway 0-1 km
K Guest harbour 0-1 km
L Norwegian propane bottles 0-1 km
M Chemical tank disposal
O Outlet mobil homes


a Swimming pool 0-2 km
b Heated swimming pool 0-2 km
c Children’s pool
d Waterland 0-5 km
e Bathing place 0-1 km 
f Playground
h Jacuzzi
i Sauna
j Solarium
g Playroom 0-1 km
k Exercice track 0-1 km
l Area for ball games
m Tennis court 0-1 km 
n Golf / Golfen 0-10 km
o Minigolf 0–1 km
p Downhill skiing 0-10 km
q Cycle 0-1 km
v Nature walks 0-1 km
r Skiing 0-1 km
s Barbecue
t Angling 0-5 km
u Animals on site


E Unit prices: the total price for the unit, including 2 to 4 persons depending on the accommodation category.
G Basic rates: using separate rates for residential unit and persons.
q RV
w Caravan + car
e Tent + car
r Tent + motorbike
t Tent, alone
y Adult
u Child, 4-12 years
i Electricity
Camping Cheque


f FDM-member
a ADAC-member
ColorLine  guests