Worth knowing

Norwegian Automobile Federation, NAF, is the largest motoring organisation in Scandinavia. One of our prime objectives is to offer motorists good campsite accommodation, be in a tent, a caravan, or in a cabin. Our camping cooperate is called NAF Camp, and includes 153 campsites. NAF Camp is nationwide, and based on the consumers’ requirements on availability, quality and service. You’re always welcome to stay with us. Enjoy your vacation!

Driving on Norwegian roads

Combined vehicles (car + caravan). Permissible vehicle width is 2,55 m. Maximum permissible vehicle lengths on national highways: 18,75 m. It is not many roads in Norway with restrictions on vehicle lengths. Drivers of car + caravan with a combined length of more than 12,40 m must check if there is permissable to drive on the intended roads. You can obtain this information from the Roads Information Service on tel. 175 (in Norway) or (+47) 22 65 40 40.

Leave your pet at home!

Due to the danger of i.a. rabies infection and the fox’s small tapeworm apply very strict rules for the introduction of dogs, cats and other animals.

For information see: mattilsynet.no or contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Cabins on campsites 

It is becoming increasingly popular to holiday in cabins. It is therefore advisable to book in advance if you are planning to take your holiday in the peak season. Postal addresses and telephone numbers of the campsites accompany their descriptions. In general we can say that cabins must comply with public requirements for rented accomodation.

NB! Check-in no sooner than 2 PM. Departure no later than 12 noon.

NB! Please note that cabins at seasonal campsites may be available for rent all year round on request.

Camping gas

You can buy camping gas from Circle K and AGA AS which have outlets throughout Norway. 
See also internet
https://www.aga.no. Tel. AGA AS  (+47) 23 17 72 00, fax (+47) 22 02 78 04.


Road signs

618  C 618 Camp site Symbol can be used for campsites that are suitable for tents, caravans and campervans. The site may also have camping cabins.
621 Bobilplass Symbol can be used for sites that have at least 8 spaces that are specially designed to accommodate campervans and that are not designed to accommodate caravans. These may be specific spaces attached to a campsite or sites reserved for campervans in or near urban areas.
622 Camping cabins Symbol can be used for places with camping cabins and holiday homes for hire.